Is there room for God?

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University an amazing experience, especially the first few weeks on Campus, which involved meeting new people, staying out late, sleeping in, having freedom finally! I found in my experience that a lot of questions were being asked of me: what my name was, where I was from, what I am studying, what I plan to do with that degree and how was my summer. But, often there was not a space built into my University for searching for the bigger things in life.  At times my friends challenged my faith and professors told me God didn’t exist, but I needed a place to go and ask questions as I was like everyone else on a journey of self-discovery. Discovery what I liked to study, what hobbies I liked, what I wanted my career to be, but furthermore, why am I here, why am I happy or unhappy with life, why do bad things happen in my life? I found that I needed the space to ask these questions without being attacked or accused of being stupid. Often when at University, people left their faith. They may attend their religious service at home, but not on Campus. A lot of people don’t think there is space in their four years at University

I found room for God at University and I think there is room for God in any Ryerson Experience It’s at University that the majority of our choices will affect what we do after, and we should also be asking questions about God, Jesus and your personal or others Religions. At University we explore ourselves, we grow and stretch in many ways and I think faith needs to be apart of exploring.

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